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So good! Love the narrative, and old school sounds + effects! I found after some of my restarts that the controls on the arrow keys got weird? Not sure if that was by design or no. Great game and submission though!


I was cycling happily when the text made me go out control.... Loved the music and concept, with a good awareness in the game.... keep up the good work!!

Sounds great, looks great, but I can't seem to get any keys working to send a message. Moving/mouse works but not Enter. 😢

Use / or \ or numpad enter. I think the note to use / at the beginning goes by too fast to read easily :)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words!

Ah! I feel so silly! I was slamming those texts up right away and then yes- was unable to comprehend the text as it spend by. My fault! :)


Very pretty art music and concept, indeed arrow keys are OUT OF CONTROL ! :)